How to invest safely in difficult times?


Looking at the events of recent months can ask yourself if they are safe investments in difficult times? Recently completed its life deposits "antybelkowe", we see the falling real estate prices, a lot of volatility in the market of gold and silver. What to look for when deciding on our investments?

Financial Supermarket

First of all you have to say at once that there are irreconcilable record profits and lack of investment risk, which is an excellent example of recent bankruptcy parabankow ie. Amber Gold or Finroyal. How to reconcile the desire to get the best results with our security measures? The opinion asked the expert Attention Marcin Maciejewski - If we want to reduce the risks associated with our investments best solution is to diversify our investment portfolio. As a result, any impairment loss on one investment, we have a chance to reduce the profits of the remaining funds.

Diversification is so important that even investments burdened theoretically limited risk can generate a loss. The best example of this in recent weeks is theoretically safe Idea Premium fund invests primarily in corporate bonds issued by Polish and foreign companies. A significant portion of the funds deposited by clients fund invested in bonds issued by Polish construction companies, which in recent months have gone bankrupt, such as DSS. The result was the suspension of trading of the fund in July this year for a period of two months, which means the fund to customers, at least temporary inability to withdraw funds invested.

Our expert also highlights other advantages offered by the separation of our savings - Another advantage is the ability to diversify the distribution of our investments due to their ability to quickly liquidate without loss to the overall state of our ownership. This is important when you need quick access to cash, whether it is due for random, or other opportunistic investment - says Marcin Maciejewski.

Even making a simple division of our savings into several bank deposits, is at most the loss of interest of only one of them, when we need urgent access to cash. Not to mention the situation when some of our investments include real estate, whether, for example. IKE / IKZE where term savings for retirement age may result in the loss of tax benefits.

Also note that some of our investments is exposed to currency risk. If a few years ago we bought a flat for a loan in Swiss francs, it is highly likely that due to the significant weakening of the zloty against the franc, our debt exceeds the value of housing effectively blocking its sale. Assuming that in mid-2008 bought on credit in francs apartment worth 220,000 zloty is currently outstanding, we have still a lot more than 300,000 zlotys - lists Marcin Maciejewski.

Similarly, investing in gold, which quotations are expressed in US dollars. If you invested $ 10,000 in gold in March 2009 after a year of our investment was worth 6% less, even though the price of an ounce of gold increased by 16%. After two years, the value of our investment is over $ 15,000.

Let us remember that reasonable approaches to diversify our investments. The separation of our savings for 20 different investments in practice prevent us to track their behavior.

Now that we know what to look for investing, it's see how they look chosen is safe to save.

Treasury bonds

They are the safest type of investment, which is the guarantor of the State Treasury. It is true, as the example of the Greek state also can stand on the verge of bankruptcy, although in our case it is unlikely, if only because of the limitations on indebtedness of the state entered into the constitution. Treasury offers bonds with two- three- four- and ten-year maturity date. The September issue will earn 4.5% per annum on two-year bonds with a fixed interest rate. Other bonds have a variable interest rate, which reaches up to 6% in the first year for 10-year bonds - more than many deposit offered by banks.

Bank deposits

This kind of saving seems to be the best option if you want to invest part of the funds for a short term - up to 1 year. Importantly, bank deposits up to the equivalent of 100,000 euros in total are guaranteed by the Bank Guarantee Fund. Banks located on the top positions of rankings deposits offering interest rates of 6-6.5% per annum. Remember, however, that profits from investments are covered already, "Belka tax", which means that the amount of the tax authorities will take nearly one-fifth penny of interest earned.

When choosing an investment bank, notice that the interest rate after taking into account our current cover inflation. In July, the rate was 4%, so that our money is not lost on the need to take advantage of the bank's offer, which guarantee us a minimum interest of 5% per annum - notes the expert.


If we think about collecting funds for our retirement is undoubtedly a good idea to depositing money under Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA) and / or Individual Retirement Accounts Security (IKZE). Are all programs of this type can be considered safe if some of the offers are based on investment funds, among others, these aggressively investing?

Additional risks associated with investing through mutual funds is largely offset by the duration of the investment in the IKE / IZE. During the ten to twenty, or even a 20-30-year investment will witness many a bull market and bear market. In such a long period of slightly more aggressive investment approach should bring higher returns compared to investing savings only in products such as government bonds or deposits. Nevertheless, we should protect themselves by investing in this way only a portion of our savings. - Says Marcin Maciejewski.

If we decide to IKE is continuing savings from achieving many of the retirement of generated profits throughout the period profits do not pay 19% "Belka tax". A limitation of the program is to limit annual payments equal to three times the average salary, which for 2012 was set at an amount slightly exceeding 10 thousand. According to data from the beginning KNFu.

The novelty introduced in 2012 are IKZE, where the main benefit is the ability to deduct from the income tax paid on IKZE measures. The program also has a deposit limit, which is 4% of our gross salary, but not more than 4 thousand. Importantly, the tax will pay for the completion of the investment, ie after reaching retirement age. This will be the income tax according to the current scale in the future.

Is it worth it to select IKE or IZKE? More benefits speaks for IKE, among others, lower initial fee, more than two and a half higher annual limit possible to invest the amount known in advance the tax effect. IKZE will be a good choice for people who settle tax by 32% tax threshold. It is also a good suggestion persons for whom the limit within IKE is too low, saving both programs will give you the opportunity to defer a total of over 14 thousand - sums up Marcin Maciejewski.

Common sense

This last principle, which should be guided by investing their own money. If anyone offers us more than ten percent per annum on the quasi-deposit while competitive bids are lower by half the interest rate it is worth considering the entrusting of such a company.