How to save money in the company?

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The costs associated with running even a small business can overwhelm the capabilities of many entrepreneurs. However, there are ways to save money at the beginning of the business, as well as during its duration. The tax write at the end.


Do not get carried away. Before you decide to rent a flat, compare prices. Try to negotiate a lower rent and even rent free in the first month. In this way, you earn extra money, such as office supplies.

On the other hand, think about whether your business could function without the office. If the store is not possible, but many service companies adept without premises. One example is the photo studio, whose owner bear the huge cost of renting. After analyzing the situation, it turned out that the studio is not he needed, because most of the work performed beyond. On the other hand, if necessary, use the studio another company, renting them for a few hours for a small amount.


Another unnecessary expense can be a landline phone. It seems that the possession of such phone will increase the credibility of the company. Not necessarily. Mobile phone meets all the necessary functions, and even more versatile. Currently, mobile operators also offer packages for companies at an attractive price. Finally, you can set up an online landline phone and fax.

Regular shopping

An integral part of holding office, as well as a regular expense are the office supplies - pens, pencils, notebooks, printer paper or garbage bags. Such articles should not buy an invoice, later to be counted against the costs. Besides, compare prices - maybe you can find cheaper counterparts. Usually wholesalers prices are lower - once the amount seems small, but in the long run the savings will pay off.


If you are wondering why despite the gains still do not see the money, take a look at your energy bills and water. To reduce the fee, install energy efficient light bulbs or LEDs and aerators that lets you save water. The simplest advice - turn off lights and appliances when not in use. You can also mount the lamp operating on the movement.

If you are replacing electronic equipment or buy a new, consider buying equipment recertyfikowanego. These are usually devices that have long lay in stock and have not been sold.


You need more hands to help, but you can not afford to employ another employee? Take intern to score the practice, and you help with chores. The good news for both parties is able to benefit from the internship program in the Labour Office. The trainee receives a salary from the UP, and you gain the employee for four to nine months. The condition is the leading company for at least six months.

Moreover, the search for flexible workers who have experience in several positions and have additional skills that can be useful in the future.


Tax law in Poland is not conducive to the formation of new companies. ZUS takes a large part of honestly earned money by entrepreneurs. That is why some people discouraged and give up their dreams, and those looking for a more steadfast beneficial solutions. Such is the registration and settlement of taxes abroad. Assuming the company in the UK you can save up to several thousand per year. It is a legal way to avoid paying high insurance premiums in Poland, which is used by large as well as smaller companies. The possibilities will learn on this page.

As a good entrepreneur, you should not save at the expense of the quality of products or services offered. Just thoroughly analyze your situation, a well-planned budget and be open to change.