Our services

Our goal

NIMBO AG was founded with the aim of providing company owners with a free and discreet introduction to the complex topics of company value, company sale and company succession.

NIMBO creates more transparency in the valuation of medium-sized companies and connects entrepreneurs with the right advisor for a company succession or a company sale without obligation, if desired.

Our approach

NIMBO has developed a comprehensive online company evaluation, which takes into account not only financial figures but also many qualitative factors on the basis of a questionnaire. NIMBO’s database now includes many thousands of companies, allowing you to compare your company with similar companies in the same industry. The algorithm takes into account individual strengths and weaknesses and their impact on firm value using the unique dataset of real observed purchase offers. The evaluation is completely free of charge. The test results are immediately processed into a report and sent by e-mail.

In addition to the company value report, NIMBO offers a detailed and competent initial consultation over the phone, answers all relevant questions free of charge and independently shows possible alternative courses of action.
NIMBO explains the usual procedures for external and internal company successions, which advisors could offer which added value at which point in time and what one should bear in mind when choosing an advisor. On request, NIMBO can put you in touch with a suitable external consultant for support in the sales process, who has a particularly suitable track record for the issue and industry in question, and who will share his own experience with you in a further free and non-binding telephone conversation.

Our business model

Following the company valuation, NIMBO offers the company owners an individual telephone consultation free of charge. If there is a need for more in-depth expertise and support, NIMBO refers the company owner to an external consultant with the specific industry expertise and the appropriate track record in Germany, Austria, Switzerland or Northern Italy and is remunerated for this with a commission. The brokerage commission is the same for all advisors. The recommendation is therefore based exclusively on the expected customer benefit.
Our consultants are carefully selected. To ensure business owner satisfaction, we follow the entire process from the sidelines, asking questions and always being available to help with any problems or questions.