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✔ Algorithm developed specifically for asset management valuation
Takes into account quantitative and qualitative value drivers
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✔ Immediate evaluation
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We ask you about 20 questions about the company. You will receive an evaluation report by e-mail within 30 minutes.

Goodwill calculator especially for the valuation of an asset management company

Standard company valuations are unsuitable for asset management companies. In cooperation with CFM Partners AG, Zurich, an experienced partner with proven expertise, NIMBO has developed an algorithm that takes into account the special features of this industry. CFM Partners is a leading Swiss M&A advisory firm specializing exclusively in the financial services sector.


Recognized method

NIMBO uses the multiple method for evaluation. The algorithm is based on many years of experience and current market data.


The enterprise value takes into account factors that are particularly relevant for asset management companies.

Comprehensive and comprehensible

The evaluation report of NIMBO comprises 10 pages. The valuation method is comprehensible and easy to understand.

Procedure of the online company valuation

Frequently asked questions

How much time does the NIMBO company valuation take?

The test consists of about 20 questions. It takes an average of 15 minutes to answer. The evaluation usually takes place 30-60 minutes after completion of the questionnaire. You will receive a report with the result by mail.

Forwhich companies is the NIMBO evaluation suitable?

The company value test is particularly suitable for established, especially owner-managed SMEs with up to 100 employees. Expected values for the future should be comprehensible and realistic. The valuation is not suitable for companies in transition or with exceptionally high growth expectations. A positive EBIT is required. Even though an expected value can of course be used here, the test is only conditionally recommendable for startups.

What financial ratios do you need to provide for the valuation?

Required figures are equity, assets under management, net new money, representative sales, earnings before interest, taxes and executive compensation, personnel expenses and operating expenses. Some of the questions are qualitative.

How reliable are the results?

You will get a first indication of the value of your company and will be sensitized for the relevant points that determine the value. The value is not identical with the price that can actually be achieved on the market. We will be happy to advise you free of charge on the correct interpretation of your results.

Data protection: What happens to my data?

The data is aggregated and used anonymously to improve the NIMBO algorithm. Upon request, your data will of course be deleted. Under no circumstances will your data be passed on to third parties.

This is NIMBO

NIMBO offers an online test for the company valuation of asset management companies, with the help of which you can quickly and easily get a first impression of the value of your company. If you also require specific support with your purchase or sales project, we will be happy to inform you by telephone about possible next steps and can also put you in touch with the ideal advisor for you.

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