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Data status: August 2022 | 380 data points

We ask you about 30 questions about the company. You will receive an evaluation report by e-mail within 30 minutes. More information about the rating

The most current multiples for the valuation of SMEs – August 2022

NIMBO ensures more transparency in the market for SME succession. Through our online company valuation service, we ask thousands of company owners each month about recent purchase offers they have received, giving us unique insight into how valuation multiples are trending.

IT / Software Producing industry Services. Gastronomy Trade Craft & Construction

Development of EBITC multiples for 6-25 employees

The most comprehensive online company valuation

NIMBO takes into account not only financial ratios but also qualitative and industry-specific factors, which are particularly relevant for the valuation of SMEs. To do this, we draw on our unique dataset of purchase offers.

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Nimbo offers an online to quickly and easily get a first impression of the value of your company. If you also require specific support with your purchase or sales project, we will be happy to inform you by telephone about possible next steps and can also put you in touch with the ideal advisor for you.

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Valuation of asset management (only in German)