Investors and buyers of companies carefully evaluate companies before investing money. These 9 factors are crucial for a successful company valuation. Prepare thoroughly and show that your company can excel in these areas.

What is the profit margin?

Investors look for stable revenues and a healthy profit margin. Increasing sales and profits are a good sign for the future viability of your company. Average profit margins, for example, are 2-5% in retail, 10-20% in technology companies, 3-6% in the catering industry and 15-25% in financial services.

Does your company have growth potential?

The growth potential of a company is a complex interplay of market conditions, internal capabilities and strategic measures. Strong growth potential means not only short-term profits, but also long-term stability and success. Show that your company has growth potential. Investors want to see that their investment will grow in the long term.

Is there a competent management team?

A competent and committed team is crucial. Does the management team support the sale of the company, can investors trust the management and can the company continue to operate without disruption until decisions are made about the future?

Does the company have a competitive advantage that is difficult to imitate?

What sets your company apart from the competition? Unique selling points, patents, technological leadership or strong brands can represent decisive competitive advantages. A clear competitive advantage can make the difference.

What are current market trends and opportunities?

Do you understand current market trends and the opportunities they present? Investors want to know that you are keeping an eye on the market.

Is the company financially stable?

Investors look at historical financial data to identify growth trends. Consistent sales and profit growth is a positive sign. A strong and stable cash flow provides security and enables investments in future growth.

A solid financial status is crucial. Investors will closely examine your balance sheets.

What can be said about the customer base and loyalty?

A loyal customer base is valuable. Investors value customer loyalty and long-term customer relationships. What are the options for expanding the customer base?

Is the business scalable?

Can your business be easily scaled? Investors are often looking for opportunities for expansion.

Is there risk management?

Demonstrate that you can identify risks and manage them effectively. Investors want security.