Tailored company valuation

Do you need a customized company valuation by an experienced expert? NIMBO offers a practical and efficient company valuation for SMEs at a fixed price.

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Tailor-made company valuation at a fixed price*

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  • Ready for negotiations with buyers / sellers
  • Company valuation by experts with many years of practical experience
  • Tailored to your situation and the company
  • Evaluation model in Excel format and accompanying text
  • We guide you through the company valuation in detail and clarify all your questions
  • Including 6 months use of the full version of our online company evaluation
  • Money back after initial meeting if our review isn’t right for you.

*In the case of very exceptionally complex cases, NIMBO reserves the right to charge additional working hours in the hourly rate after consultation with the customer (see General Terms and Conditions for details).

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Please note our terms and conditions for individual company reviews

In particular, please note:

The company valuation is expressly not an appraisal . NIMBO cannot guarantee to what extent the company valuation will be accepted by third parties (e.g. authorities). NIMBO disclaims any liability for any consequences of using the individual company valuation. NIMBO carries out the evaluation based on the information provided by the customer and does not check this information.

The results of the company valuation represent a subjective value orientation and can differ significantly from the actual prices paid. Even serious errors cannot be ruled out. It is up to the customer to decide whether and how to use the rating.

The elaboration of the company valuation requires a considerable cooperation of the customer, in particular he has to provide all necessary information.